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Internal Screens


As bespoke joinery providers, we can also provide both standard and off-standard sections tailored to your requirements. Internal screens are required on many large construction projects, from office blocks to schools and colleges.

A fire wall or area requiring protection is unique in its own right, requiring individual assessment from a design and safety viewpoint. Production of hardwood screens requires strict guidelines and proven techniques. Framing, edge protection of glass and glass type must be strictly adhered to within the scope of any test report or assessment.

We can provide both hardwood and softwood options from the wide ranging timbers available. Our hardwoods include Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple and White Oak. Our softwood options include Pine and Red Deal.  

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Here, our fire rated options include pyroshield, pyrodur, pyrobellite, pyranova, pyran and fire swiss foam. Non rated glazing possibilities include toughened, laminated stippolyte and anti-bandit glass.


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