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Technical Information - Types of Timber


Maple (Rock)

Wood type Hardwood
The Tree A. Saccharum and A. Nigrum grow to a height of 27m or more and a diameter of 0.5m to 0.75m
Distribution Found generally in Canada and eastern USA
The Timber Hard Maple is strong, heavy, hard, and Straight-grained and fine textured. The heartwood is light reddish but firmer texture.
Drying All types dry without undue difficulty but rather slowly, particularly rock maple.
Working Qualities Medium – Hard maple is rather difficult to work, the timber tending to cause saws to vibrate, but it is hard to nail or screw although these are held firmly.
Strength Compared with European beech, rock maple is about equal in bending strength.
Treatability Difficult
Abrasions Very Good
Moisture Movement Medium
Density 740kg/m3
Texture Fine
Chemical Properties High resistance to abrasion  
Use(s) Furniture, Flooring
Colour(s) White / Cream