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Technical Information - Types of Timber



Wood type Hardwood
The Tree A very large tree with cylindrical bole and small or no buttresses. Grows to a height of 45m or more and a diameter at breast height of 10m or slightly more.
The Timber The Sapwood is pale yellow or whitish, the heartwood pinkish when freshly cut, darkening to typical mahogany colour of reddish-brown. Sapele is characterised by a marked and regular stripe, particularly pronounced on quarter-sawn surfaces. It is fairly close textured, and the grain is interlocked. It is harder and heavier than African mahogany. Weighing about 640 kg/m3 when dried.
Drying The timber dries rapidly with a marked tendency to distort. Quarter-sawn material is less liable to degrade in drying.
Working Qualities Medium works fairly well with hand and machine tools, but the inter-locked grain is often troublesome in planning and moulding. It takes screws and nails well, glues satisfactorily, stains readily, and takes an excellent polish
Strength Sapele is much harder then African or American mahogany, and in resistance to indentation, bending strength, stiffness, and resistance to shock loads.
Treatability Difficult
Moisture Movement Medium
Density 640kg/m3
Texture Medium  
Use(s) Joinery – Exterior, Joinery – Interior, Furniture, Flooring
Colour(s) Reddish-Brown (Typical mahogany colour)